Replacement TPMS pressure sensors

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Tire pressure is an important factor responsible for safety, as well as driving comfort. Taking care of the correct pressure is facilitated by the TPMS system, which has been mandatory equipment for new cars sold in the EU since November 1, 2014. This system monitors tire pressure in real time. The best accuracy is offered by the direct TPMS system. It is based on sensors inside the tires, which send tire pressure and temperature data via radio to the on-board computer. TPMS improves safety - the driver is immediately alerted to a drop in pressure. This avoids dangerous situations on the road, such as loss of traction or extended braking distances. Correct pressure also prevents an increase in fuel burn, and extends the life of the tire tread.
For direct TPMS, Felgeo.co.uk offers UNI-Sensor universal tire pressure sensors from Cub. Fully programmable, they can be activated for virtually any vehicle equipped with direct TPMS. They can be used in a second set of wheels and will behave like the original ones. UNI-Sensor sensors can be programmed as a replacement to fit a particular car model or as a "clone" of the original sensor with the same ID number. The sensors are mounted using a bolt-on valve, and the angle of adhesion can be adjusted. Available with rubber or aluminum valves. For European cars there are tire pressure sensors operating at 433 MHz, and for American cars - 315 MHz.
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