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Where is the headquarters of FELGEO.PL located?
You will find us easily. The headquarters of FELGEO.PL is located in Kostrzyn-on-Odra, at 34 B Kard. Stefan Wyszyńskiego Street. The company's hallmarks are information boards, illuminated logos and buildings with characteristic two-color elevations in shades of gray. Customers planning to shop at the stationary store will find a grand display of rims and workshop accessories. Convenient access from Wierzbowa Street and parking spaces are also provided. Kostrzyn-on-Odra is located in the northwestern part of Lubuskie Voivodeship. It is home to many thriving manufacturing companies located mainly in the special economic zone, as well as numerous commercial companies, including FELGEO.PL. A bridge crossing over the Oder River provides efficient communication on the Polish-German border, and the city's location encourages trade and tourism. Google Maps
Does FELGEO.PL have certificates confirming the quality offered?
Yes. The business is conducted on the basis of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 - "Distribution of automotive rims and equipment, parts and accessories for the automotive industry". Within its framework, FELGEO.PL introduces only products of verified quality. In the case of rims - depending on the brand - quality confirmation takes the form of certification, standards, norms such as TÜV, KBA, ABE, JWL, VIA, IATF 16949 (formerly ISO TS 16949).

In terms of rim development and production, in Q4 2023. FELGEO.PL underwent an audit by TÜV Austria Automotive GMBH. Its result is certificate No. 20110 626823, which confirms that the company has implemented a quality management system accepted by this internationally recognized certification body. The system also guarantees compliance with the requirements of the StVZO (German: Straßenverkehrs-Zulassungs-Ordnung) - the regulations in force in Germany that govern the admission of vehicles to road traffic. This area, in turn, is supervised by the German KBA (German: Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt).
Can I buy rims at FELGEO.PL store at a discount, in promotion?
Yes. The store runs a number of promotional campaigns. Starting from seasonal, related to the calendar such as: Christmas, May Day, Black Friday, Black Week, ending with trade fairs and directed to particular groups of customers. Information is presented in the form of banners, newsletters, social media posts and in the store's "Promotions" tab.
How is the correct installation of rims carried out?
FELGEO.PL suggests entrusting these activities to professional entities. In particular, one with established procedures in this regard, e.g. through association in service networks, as well as one that has been evaluated in a certification process, e.g. TÜV, PZPO (Polish Tire Industry Association), or one that is already well-established on the market, with personnel with verified qualifications. Ordering installation services from such an entity gives you a guarantee of proper workmanship, safety of use and care for the entrusted property.
On the practical side in this regard, FELGEO.PL points out to customers special attention to such aspects of the assembly process as:
  1. Mounting tires with the use of protective elements (pads on the jaws, on the mounting bead, on the bumper, on the rim edge, etc.) or on mounting machines with a center mount, the use of accessories dedicated to low-profile, UHP or run-on-flat tires, such as mounting/dismounting in the "Leverless" system, attachments, auxiliary arms, including, for example, those certified by WDK (German Association of German Rubber Products Manufacturers),
  2. Wheel balancing using accessories for precise centering, such as: mounting discs with pins matched to the type of rim seat, a wide range of cones, expansion bushings (e.g., from the recognized brand HAWEKA AG). Use of the following functions: optimization, Smart Weight, Road Force Touch, and others that allow precise balancing. Use of weights to ensure permanent attachment to the rim after balancing and during operation,
  3. Mounting wheels using properly selected nuts or bolts for the rim seat, pins, if required also centering rings or spacer discs. Use of appropriate tools: spacing gauge, torque wrench, manual, mechanical (without impact function, destructive to threaded joints), accessories for cleaning the interfaces of the rim and wheel hub,
  4. The use of accessories and equipment to ensure the programming and adaptation of TPMS pressure sensors, the assembly/disassembly of their valves, as well as the assembly/disassembly of classic valves matched to the valve seats of the rims, as well as pressure gauges with verified measurement precision.
    If the assembly concerns already assembled wheels as part of seasonal replacement, and is performed by you yourself, you should pay attention to the issues described in points. 3 and 4 - if appropriate tools and equipment are available. In the course of these activities, please be guided by safety rules (wheel chocks, a functioning jack, supports of the so-called "cradles", etc.).
Do I need to buy nuts and bolts?
It depends on the specific situation. Why? Here are some examples:

NO, if the manufacturer of a particular brand of rims has provided fasteners as part of the kit, such as SEVENTY9, WRATH WHEELS. Information about this will be in the description of the goods, under the heading "INCLUDED IN THE KIT WITH THE RIM."

YES, when:
  1. You have steel rims and you are replacing them with aluminum rims with us - steel rim mounts, as a rule, will not fit aluminum rims, this is due to the peculiarities of the sockets of the mounting holes (cone, sphere, flat washer) so we recommend buying the appropriate nuts or bolts from our offer,
  2. Previous aluminum rims have different mounting hole sockets - it may happen that the attractive design you choose from our offer will not be compatible with your current mountings, e.g. factory ball screw vs. cone socket in new rims. We recommend that you purchase a mount with the appropriate parameters,
  3. The rims you select from us are different in color from your current rims - we recommend purchasing mounts from our offer, you can choose from the available colors and types of coatings at your discretion. The new mounts will certainly blend in perfectly with the new set of rims, or simply the old mounts have already lost enough appeal and need to be replaced,
  4. Your car is already years old, the mounts have not been replaced for a long time - of course, we recommend replacing them. Safety is a very important issue. Threaded connections in the course of operation wear out, corrode, the strength of the metal alloy over time decreases, used in their assembly and disassembly impact tools destructive to their life, did not control or exceeded the torque recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, etc..,
  5. You decide on the variant of installation using spacer discs - if you inform us about this, you will certainly receive appropriate guidance in this regard. When it turns out that a longer bolt than you currently have is then required, we recommend that you purchase one from our offer. This will ensure the safety and security of the wheel mounting.
What is included in the kit?
  1. If your purchase is for a set, it will be 4 rims packed in the designated cartons. The rims are also protected inside the cartons and, depending on the manufacturer, these can be: protective rims for the rims, fabric covers for the fronts, plastic bags, protective fillings (e.g. cardboard insert, styrofoam, plastic). Each carton includes a lid with a logo.
  2. The cartons may also contain FELGEO.PL advertising materials and the terms and conditions of the rim warranty in the form of a printout (also available in electronic form in the description of goods in the store or online auctions).
Will the rims fit?
  1. The offer of FELGEO.PL provides for matching to the selected vehicle, which results from the author's configurator on the store's website. This configurator, in turn, is based on the technical parameters contained in many configurators available on the market for individual brands, manufacturers, distributors. The whole is also based on experience, analysis of cases, in order to most accurately match individual rim models to vehicles,
  2. NEW 2024 - Customers using mobile devices (Android, iOS) have at their disposal an innovative solution, based on augmented reality (AR - Augmented Reality). It is a configurator in the form of an application, available in the AR-WHEELS.COM domain. Thanks to it, at any place and time, it is possible to "try on" the selected model of the rim to the actual car the customer has. The database contains 3D and 2D rim models, prepared to a high standard of mapping quality. The application features a friendly interface and intuitive operation. h ttps://ar-wheels.com
  3. In case of any questions or doubts in this area, the possibility of consultation is provided for you: by phone, on working days from 8 am to 4 pm at the phone number: 95 752 19 90, and by email at: sklep@felgeo.pl or felgi@felgeo.pl
  4. In addition, a special form is also available, through which you can receive a quotation for rims according to your previously specified criteria and preferences. This form of contact for the purchase of rims, allows you to personalize and learn about a wider range of available models: FORM
Are the rims available?
Stocks are updated on an ongoing basis. If the rims of your choice are visible in the store's offer, it means that they are available and you can purchase them. At the time of ordering you will also receive information on the estimated lead time. In the case of some brands of rims, this time may be extended, for example, to 5-7 days, due to the location of the warehouse outside of our country. However, this does not mean that the goods are not available. Most of the offer, however, is available "off-the-shelf", with a lead time of up to 24 hours, as the stocks of brands belonging to FELGEO.PL (including Carbonado and Seventy9) are maintained at a sufficiently high level in the main warehouse at the company's headquarters.
How to choose the right lids for rims?
The lid is originally packed together with the rim, it is an inseparable set. We do not sell separately the lids themselves. However, from time to time FELGEO.PL sells "clean" wheel covers, we recommend to consult their matching to the rim before purchase. If the rims were purchased from us - there should be no problem.
What is ET?
ET is a very important parameter that determines the offset of the rim on the hub. If the rim has an ET that is too low, the wheel may protrude beyond the outline of the car, while an ET that is too high will cause rubbing on the brake caliper or individual suspension components, wheel recesses. You can always ask FELGEO.PL consultants about the correct ET for your car.
What are centering rings and what are they used for?
Rings are used for aluminum wheels, the size of the center hole of which is larger than the size of the hub in the car. In this case, without rings, it would be difficult to properly center the wheel on the hub. The effect of omitting this component can be "wheel whipping" while driving or vibration on the steering wheel at speeds of 80-120 km/h, as well as faster wear of the steering and suspension. It should also be remembered that incorrect centering affects the safety of use, is an undesirable phenomenon and puts a strain on the wheel's mounting components.
What are floating bolts and why are they used?
Floating bolts are used to correct the spacing of the mounting holes in the rim. These bolts allow you to correctly and safely install on the hub of the car rims with different hole spacing than their hub spacing.Note - in workshop practice it is recommended that the difference in spacing should not exceed 2 mm. For example, for a car with a spacing of 5x110, you can mount with them rims with a spacing of 5x112 (and vice versa).
How to take care of the rims?
  1. Immediately after the purchase and installation of tires, it is a good idea to protect the rims with preparations based on wax, quartz, polymers or a dedicated ceramic coating. Such treatment reduces the deposition of dirt, brake dust, facilitates ongoing maintenance. Repeated in the course of operation will allow in the long term to maintain the paint coating in good condition, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful appearance of the rims for longer,
  2. It is best to use neutral chemicals (soaps, shampoos, foams) for washing. If the dirt is difficult to remove, you can use acid or alkaline preparations. However, do not keep them on the paint coating for too long without letting them dry. How to use them will be described in the manufacturer's instructions, and you should also pay attention to the recommended dilution level. In doing so, it is recommended to use fine brushes, sponges, delicate cloths, gloves, brushes. They minimize the formation of scratches, abrasions of the paint. The applied preparations should be rinsed thoroughly, the rim should be dried and, if necessary, re-protected with the appropriate preparation. For washing it is recommended to use lukewarm water, rinsing under low pressure. For high-pressure washing, it is necessary to maintain the appropriate distance from the surface of the rim, as a rule, indicated in the instructions for use of the equipment,
  3. If it is possible to wash, protect the rims after disassembly from the vehicle, it is also worthwhile to take care of the condition of the buttress. In the course of operation, tarnish appears on it, the surface oxidizes, dirt corrodes. The touchdown can be cleaned manually, for example, with steel wool, or mechanically with dedicated brushes. To achieve the desired matching, centering effect, a similar operation should also be performed with the wheel hub,
  4. It is also necessary to remember to regenerate, replenish minor paint defects - mortars. Leaving the alloy uncovered will cause negative consequences over time in the form of oxidation, peeling of the paint.
How to store light alloy wheels?
The basic principle is to store the rims in a cleaned state. By this we mean rims washed, dried and, as recommended, protected with, for example, wax, ceramic coating. We will then avoid the undesirable effects that can occur when dirt is left on their surface for a long time. Regardless of whether we store the entire wheels or the rims themselves, it is necessary to ensure the right conditions. In doing so, they should not be left in damp conditions, where moisture can compensate, for example, in plastic bags, soggy cardboard boxes, etc. If previously unremoved dirt, brake dust, chemicals, road salt, corroded weights are superimposed on top of this, you can only expect negative effects on the paint finish of the rims. Storage is an excellent opportunity to assess the condition of the rims. If necessary, you should also regenerate, replenish minor paint defects, perform so-called touch-ups. This will protect them from oxidation of the alloy stripped of the varnish coating, this applies in particular to the fronts exposed to the greatest damage.
What does the weight of the rims depend on?
The basic criterion will be, in the main, the diameter and width of the rim. The larger, the heavier the rim. As a rule, because rims that are similar in parameters can also differ in weight due to production technology. Typically, the heaviest rims will be those produced by casting (gravity, low-pressure) technology. This is due to the fact that the alloy in this case is the least "compacted". A sufficiently large cross-section is then required to achieve the required strength, which generates a higher mass. A lower weight is obtainable in the case of rims made with "FlowForm" or so-called forged "Forged" technology. Both of them are based on plastic processing - rolling, forging using advanced machinery. As a result, the alloy is properly "compacted". The rim is then more resistant to damage while maintaining a smaller cross-section, thus also a lower weight. The design itself should also be taken into account. Lighter will certainly be rims with fewer spokes, connections of the spokes to the rim, with larger spaces between them, than rims with a more "full" pattern, more tightly filling the front.
Where are the rims manufactured?
FELGEO.PL's offer is based exclusively on verified manufacturers. Those that provide appropriate standards, including: TÜV, KBA, ABE, JWL, VIA, IATF 16949 (formerly ISO TS 16949). The catalog of available rims is constantly being improved and modified. This is due to market dynamics and current trends. An important element in the selection is also the technology used and the corresponding production capacity.
Is it possible to buy a single rim?
Yes, however, subject to availability in the offer of the respective manufacturer. Offers to purchase only a set, i.e. 4 pieces or multiples, will be clearly marked in the model description. If two available widths, e.g. 9.5 inches and 10.5 inches, are distinguished within a set, this will also be indicated. If you are interested in purchasing 1 piece, you can also contact our consultants through a convenient communication channel - chat, phone, e-mail, form. However, keep in mind that such a purchase may involve the implementation of the so-called individual order - exclusion of the right to withdraw from a contract concluded at a distance, without giving a reason.
Will I be informed about the status of the implementation of the placed order?
Yes, FELGEO.PL takes care of proper communication with customers. During the purchase process it is required to provide an e-mail address. It is to this address that you will receive confirmation of your purchase, and subsequently the purchase document. When the goods are ready to be shipped, a separate message will provide the waybill number to facilitate monitoring of the delivery process.
Can I return the rims?
Buyers, having the status of a Consumer or so-called Individual Entrepreneur, may within 14 days, counting from the receipt of the Goods, make a declaration of withdrawal from the contract concluded remotely, without giving any reason, under the so-called right of reflection. Exclusion in this regard is the purchase under the so-called individual order. The possibility of return is also determined by individual decisions on complaints under warranty, non-conformity of the Goods with the contract or warranty. Detailed information in this regard can be found in the Rules of the store.
Is there a warranty on the rims?
Yes, detailed conditions in this regard are specified. In the description of each model of rims you will find a reference to them, for example, "PRODUCER WARRANTY 24 months?", where if you hover over the question mark "?" there is an option to download them. From this level, a complaint and withdrawal form is also available. In the process of preparing the rims for shipment, these terms and conditions can also be attached as a double-sided printout in A5 format. In electronic form, available at the link: Warranty Terms and Conditions
Does the price affect the quality of the rims?
There is no clear answer to this question. Even assuming a comparison of rims by size, such as 20 inches, in the case of different brands the price spread can be significant. In addition to the so-called "brand valuation", which in most cases determines or can determine this or that price level in relation to competing products, we have many more variables. These include production technology. It is it that mainly determines the price level, this process is highly cost-intensive. The cheapest rims will be those made by the casting method (gravity, low-pressure). More expensive will be those made by FlowForm technology (rolled, rolled), and the most expensive will be the so-called forged (Forged). For the latter two, expensive, specialized machinery is required, in addition to the number of processes in processing, greater than for castings. More advanced technologies allow for higher quality - precision craftsmanship, more refined design, higher strength, lower weight - which must undoubtedly be reflected in the price. Then the saying that applies to what you get for a given price undoubtedly applies.
How do I place an order?
FELGEO.PL offers convenient forms for everyone. The basic one, to visit the website of the FELGEO.PL store and STIX.PL (the latter dedicated to tire services and all lovers of workshop equipment). Purchases can also be made without registering an account, however, taking into account the possibility of obtaining additional profits from having one (promotional actions, newsletter), we encourage you to register. In addition, the account provides access to all functions of the store and preview of concluded transactions. For both stores, only one account registration is required. For those who prefer to contact us by phone, on working days, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., we operate a hotline at 95 752 19 90. Continuity of correspondence will be maintained by using the option to contact us at sklep@felgeo.pl, felgi@felgeo.pl or stix@felgeo.pl. Those who prefer to use their account in the Allegro service, will find the full offer after searching for our stores and brands in this service. All those interested in the permanent display of rims, accessories and workshop equipment, on the other hand, are welcome to shop in the stationary store at the company's headquarters.
How is delivery carried out?
Delivery is carried out according to the method you choose. We make available a number of ways of order fulfillment, both by courier company with delivery to your home address, selected service, pick-up point, as well as to Parcel Machines (this option with restrictions on dimensions and weight). Some of the orders can also be fulfilled in the form of pallets, used for larger orders or for goods with larger dimensions.
Who covers the cost of delivery?
Delivery costs are covered by the buyer. However, in many cases the cost of delivery is covered by FELGEO.PL. This is due to, among other things, conducted promotional actions, as well as the amount of the order or the form of payment promoted in this way, such as prepayment.
Can I order rims to a parcel machine?
No. Due to the maximum size that can be placed in a parcel machine. Rims will not fit there. Delivery of rims must be made in another available form.
What if I receive goods that do not comply with the order?
Nonconformity of the goods with the order should be reported to reklamacja@felgeo.plFELGEO.PL will make every effort to settle the matter as soon as possible, without undue inconvenience. We act pro-consumer, Every customer is important to us.
What is the process of complaint of goods?
The basis for the activation of the complaint procedure is the submission of an application. The Complaint Department is responsible for these issues. Dedicated e-mail: reklamacja@felgeo.pl ensures efficient circulation of information, each case is treated individually. For registered users, after logging in, the option to file a complaint in the store panel is available. Thank you in advance for the fullest possible description of the problem, photographs, videos. This documentation will streamline and speed up the whole process. In cases that require evaluation of the advertised goods at our premises, it will be necessary to collect them from you. This is standard procedure, the seller must be able to evaluate the advertised goods, take measurements, verify the application, tests, etc. All this in order to reliably address the case. The process is reduced to the minimum necessary to make it last as short as possible, so that the processing is carried out without undue inconvenience for you. All information about the return can be found in the Terms and Conditions of the store at:
h ttps://felgeo.pl/pol-terms.html
What is the process of returning goods like?
The basis for initiating the return procedure is the submission of a statement of withdrawal from the contract concluded remotely (14 days from the date of receipt of the goods). In this regard, you can use the forms indicated in the Rules of the store, which should be sent to: reklamacja@felgeo.pl. If you prefer the traditional form, the statement can also be addressed by mail to the address of our headquarters.

You have 14 days to return the goods, counting from the date of submission of the indicated statement. The store, on the other hand, has 14 days to return the funds (counting from the date of returning the goods). In order for the refund to proceed properly, the statement must also include the bank account number to which we will make the refund. The refund will be made in full, if the value of the goods has not been reduced - not beyond the standards of the so-called right of reflection.

All information about the return can be found in the Terms and Conditions of the store at: https://felgeo.pl/pol-terms.html
Who covers the cost of returning the goods?
The cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the Buyer, in accordance with the regulations in force in this regard.
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