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CForged – forged rims

CForged is an exclusive line of aluminium rims, which are characterised by their production method, that is, the forging process. Forging is a plastic processing of metal consisting of its deformation using hits or pressure. The forging technology used to manufacture rims allows to acquire light, durable, and exceptionally stiff rims. The CForged brand rims are no exception to this rule - they constitute as an elite class of forged rims with the highest utility parameters.

Strength and lightness

The CForged brand rims are made from solid aluminium. The shaping of the rim starts with a solid piece of aluminium alloy and high temperature, in which it is heated. Next, the presses forge the material into the shape of a wheel under a great pressure. The core of this process if highly dense aluminium structure – impossible to acquire in the traditional technology of rim casting. As a result, the forged rims are the strongest and lightest aluminium wheels that are possible to acquire. They have no competitors – even the flow forming rims cannot withstand a comparison with forged rims. Not by chance, concept cars are equipped with forged rims – these rims are of the highest value with guaranteed quality.

Resistant aluminium alloy

We use the 6061-T6 aluminium to manufacture the CForged brand rims. It is a durable and corrosion resistant aluminium alloy that also contains magnesium and silicon. Due to its mechanical properties, it is used mainly in those branches, where an exceptionally high durability is number one priority (e.g. in aviation industry). Rims forged from the 6061-T6 aluminium perfectly validate themselves in the harshest operating conditions, e.g. in motorsport.

Perfect quality

The CForged brand forged rims result in smaller unsprung mass and slower wear and tear of suspension elements. They also result in better vehicle handling: greater performance, dynamics, and fuel consumption. The wheels are significantly more resistant to overloads and hits. The CForged brand rims are the most perfect aluminium rims for use with low profile tyres. They are eagerly utilised by rally drivers and professionals, for whom there is no place for compromises in terms of quality and resistance. The diameter of CForged brand rims amount up to 22” while the width of one of the models amounts up to 12”. We also manufacture a model of two-part twisted rim.

Finesse design

The advantages of utilising the forging technology to manufacture aluminium rims are not only restricted to their high durability and low mass. The density of material allows to design exceptionally light and refined forms. Therefore, the CForged brand forged rims are also a synonymy of the highest-quality design – effective and remarkable and simultaneously paying homage to the classical elegance. The CForged brand rims are sought by owners of luxury cars, who require not only quality, but also high aesthetic values and prestige.


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    IdoSell Trusted Reviews
    Got the rims and accesories after 4 days, on time and they look great. I cannot wait to get then mounted on the car and share some photos.
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