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Borbet - a tycoon in the production of aluminium rims

The Borbet company has been associated for several decades with excellent quality, innovative technologies and pioneering design. In factories in Germany, the USA, Austria and South Africa, it produces countless alloy wheels models. Most of the production is original OEM aluminium wheels for leading car manufacturers (General Motors, BMW, Ford, Chrysler, Daimler AG, Volkswagen AG, Porsche), which confirms that they meet the highest standards. The perfection and quality of rims are also confirmed by numerous certificates, including TÜV.

Aluminium wheels with traditions

The roots of this German company date back to 1881, founded as a family business. From the beginning, Borbet was involved in the production of various castings. However, the production of light alloy wheels began at Borbet in the 1970’s of the 20th century. The passion for traditional craftsmanship has been turned into a technologically advanced concern of the 21st century and now Borbet is one of the leading aluminium rim manufacturers.

Innovative production of aluminium wheels

Borbet is famous for the development and implementation of many innovative technologies for the production of aluminium wheels. ExaPeel technology is commonly recognized, i.e. laser engraving enabling custom rim design. Other significant technologies are FlowForming, Undercut, NatureWheel (they reduce the weight of the aluminium rim, while increasing its strength), as well as AeroTec (technology that increases wheel aerodynamics).

Birth of a legend - Borbet A rim

In 1987, the world saw the pattern of an aluminium rim called Borbet A. This famous model has achieved global success and gained the status of a legendary alloy rim. The Borbet A rim is still being produced and arouses the interest of future generations of automotive enthusiasts.

Borbet - aluminium wheels for everyone

Borbet SPORTS, CLASSIC, PREMIUM and COMMERCIAL WHEELS are segments grouping models of aluminium wheels with a specific design and purpose. Regardless of this division, all Borbet rims represent the highest level of aesthetic finish, boast a unique design and guarantee a lot of driving pleasure.


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